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Import / Export Customs Clearance

TLI offers tailor-made brokerage services to ensure the quick and smooth clearance of your international cargo. TLI specialists understand that the rules, regulations, and laws surrounding the import/export of cargo vary greatly from country to country, sometimes even from port to port. Our well-versed customs experts will work to build a clearance plan based on your individual needs; collecting all necessary data, preparing all import/export documentation, and calculating and processing all tariffs, duties, and taxes.

TZ's and Bonded Services
TLI has particular expertise and is a recognized leader in the administration of foreign-trade zones and bonded warehouses in programs designed to reduce or eliminate the duties, taxes, and fees that would otherwise apply to imported goods. Contact one of our representatives today to find out how our team's knowledge can help you!

TLI's approach to the customs process stresses compliance, avoids mistakes, and substantially reduces our clients' needs for expensive consultants and attorneys. Our clients breathe easier knowing that TLI is using its extensive expertise to reduce the risks of costly delays and penalties when it comes to their international cargo.  

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