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Critical Express

Time critical situations require a quick response. Tailored Logistics, Inc. (TLI) is leading the charge in expedited services, offering a full-service, dedicated Hot Shots staff to fill our clients emergency shipping needs. We specialize in same-day and overnight deliveries. From expedited surface and air services, to temperature/climate control, to increased security measures, TLI delivers at a moments notice. When you're low on time and need reliable, fast service, remember: TLI can have a driver on the road immediately upon receiving your call.

Hot Shot Delivery

Working with our extensive network of professional carriers, TLI offers Hotshot and emergency transportation services. Whether you need to ship a few pallets or entire truckloads of goods, we can arrange for your cargo to be picked up and shipped immediately, within a matter of hours if necessary.

Work with the most experienced Hotshot carrier around and allow us to arrange for the seamless pick-up, transportation, and delivery of your cargo. Request a Rate Quote today and find out why we've earned a stellar reputation for providing fast, reliable, Hotshot shipments.

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