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Tailored Logistics Inc. (TLI) is a family-owned business offering premium freight forwarding and logistics services. As a full-service freight forwarder, we can help you move anything, domestically or internationally, via truck, rail, ocean, or air.

Here at TLI, we place our emphasis on personalized service, tailoring effective and efficient shipping solutions to the individual needs of our clients. So whether you're shipping across town, across the country, or across the globe, Tailored Logistics Inc. is ready to meet all your transportation and shipping needs.


Customer Focused. Fast. Reliable.

Our goal is to simplify the distribution process for businesses and individuals alike. We become like partners in the movement of our clients' cargo. What does this partnership mean for you, our customers? It means TLI understands and appreciates your need to get your cargo moving: quickly, safely, and without breaking the bank. We will work to understand your unique situation, and then  customize an individualized package of transportation/storage solutions. We will handle every aspect of the shipping process from point of origin to final destination.


TLI specializes in arranging for storage and transportation of freight on behalf of its customers. We provide a full range of services: real-time tracking of inland freight; customs brokerage, including preparation of necessary import/export documentation; warehousing; booking of cargo space; negotiating of freight tariffs; freight consolidation; cargo insurance and filing of insurance claims; Hot Shot services for emergency deliveries; white glove services; and custom crating, just to name a few.


We hope by making the movement of your freight safe, fast, and reliable, we will become your partner in transportation: a trusted ally you come to depend on to deliver everything you need, and nothing you don't.

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